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Extra Curricular

After School Clubs

Currently we are planning a range of exciting programmes on a Saturday morning from 9 am to 12 pm. Children will enjoy a range of fun activities, each session lasting 45 minutes. They will have the opportunity to try out 4 sessions each Saturday morning, one of the sessions being our Mini Master Chef Class, another our Little Einstein Science Class, our team building Baseball session and our Arty Crafty course to develop their creative ability. These sessions will be held every fortnight, with a different set of programmes on alternate weeks, including Mini Olympics, Performing Art, Story Telling and well-loved games. These programmes will be suitable for all ages from age 3 upwards.

From August 2020 we will also be offering a range of After School Clubs from Monday to Friday.

Summer Camp

Each year we offer a dynamic 4-week Summer Camp programme. This year we will be offering the following exciting themes:  Pirates and Sea Travel, Planets and Spaceships,

Exercise and Healthy Living and Caring for Others. Built into each of these 4 week programes will be theme related art and craft, cookery, sport and team games, drama, storytelling and science experiments. There will also be an hour of academics each day for children to acquire or consolidate their learning of letter or number recognition, reading or calculation abilities and to expand their vocabulary etc. These sessions will also be taught in a fun and contextualized context.

The Summer Camp will run from Monday 6th of July to Friday 31st.

Winter Camp

This year we will be offering an exhilarating theme related Winter Camp, Week 1 will have a Winter Theme, Week 2 a Christmas Theme including a visit from Santa and Week 3 will focus on New Year Around the World and Tet. Children will learn about each of these things through a wide rand of activities such as research on the Internet and in the library, science experiments such as how to make ice and snow, cooking theme related items, such as marshmallow snow men, and theme related art and craft such as making igloos form polystyrene and beautifully decorated snowflakes. Seasonal team games and related stories and drama will also enrich the children’s experience of these special and heartwarming holidays.

Winter Camp will be held from Monday 16th December to Friday 3rd January.

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