Inspired by the IEYC learning principle, ‘Play is an essential aspect of all children’s learning and development’, we believe that enlightening our school community’s understanding of PLAY is one of many vital responsibilities of Saigon Star. We believe that Saigon Star families will gain a deeper understanding of what our school offers and the core learning principles of the International Early Years Curriculum that we are so proud to have. Therefore, the early years team put their creative minds together in developing our school’s very own definition of play.
The beginning of this project involved a process of brainstorming within our team of early years’ teachers and Mr. Brendan, our Learning Director. In November 2019, we began a process of research and sharing, before settling on an agreed definition of play. We then met to discuss the most effective way to communicate our thoughts and ideas within our community, and most importantly, how to involve children in this process. 
As such, we interviewed a few children from each early years class, making video recordings of their brilliant ideas and opinions. Currently, we are in the process of organising these short video clips, as well as transcribing their responses. After that, we shall be moving to the next step of launching the video to our parent community.
Later in the process, we shall be decorating some of the walls with our agreed definition of play. Part of that plan is to paint the words ourselves, and again, involve some children in this process. In addition, we plan to print and display photographs of children’s play in action.
We look forward to revealing this project with you soon! Watch this space. 

Ms. Grace

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