“Saigon Star is a wonderful, small, family-style school that we chose for our son, Alaric, because of small classroom sizes and the topic based curriculum. My son came from a different international school in HCMC and had fallen a bit behind in some areas due to his attendance in classrooms with over 20 students. Saigon Star worked with him and other children with similar situations and got him back on track. We are back in the United States and he is ahead now! In addition, the International Primary Curriculum at Saigon Star gave my son an open mindset, world knowledge, and exposure to other cultures which are hard to come by in the US. The topic based instruction is fantastic and my son loved focusing and learning about different topics throughout the year. I loved the easy communication tools the school uses, the friendliness of staff and teachers, and the way the different grades and classes are able to work together. We were sad to leave Saigon Star and Alaric says if we go back to Vietnam, he definitely wants to go back to Saigon Star.”

Crystal Montuori, from the USA

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