In Computing this year, we believed we needed to alter our Computing program to ensure we are providing an up-to-date Computing Curriculum for Saigon Star children. We wanted to adapt our curriculum, so it did not become stagnant and repetitive. We have moved our curriculum onto an online platform where we can continue to give teachers the ability to add their own ideas to the long-term planning and create a curriculum which can continue to evolve with technology that is rapidly superseded. 

At Saigon Star, we have incorporated Robotics into the curriculum from Y3 upwards. By using these technologies, we aim for pupils to gain a greater understanding of working with a design, construction of the robots and the different ways that the robots can be programmed to perform different functions.

The Computing Curriculum is currently based on the UK National Curriculum, which aims each year to teach children a new set of skills for being a Computer User (digitally literate) and how to use these technologies safely.
In addition to Internet Safety Day, which is an already established part of the curriculum, we have taken this step further by incorporating internet safety themes into each year group’s curriculum. We aim each year to build upon the student’s previous knowledge and ensure they understand how to remain safe, when using the internet or other technologies.

We also intend to use a program which will allow us, as a community of teachers, students and parents, to work together to keep up to date with the latest Internet Safety guidelines. We intend for this program to help facilitate conversations between all members of our community and give students the opportunity to continue to ask deeper questions about safely using technology.

Our goal over the next few years is to provide students at Saigon Star with an evolving and up to date curriculum, which will continue to develop their Computing skills and to safely use these technologies outside of school.

Mr. Neil, Computing Subject Leader 
22nd April 2020

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