Saigon Star’s Recruitment Policy

Location: Ho Chi Minh,Viet Nam

Salary: Negotiable

Posted at: 2020-06-08

Completed March 2020 and to be reviewed on an annual basis

Purpose and Aims

Saigon Star International School is aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection and therefore holds itself to a high standard of effective recruitment practices with specific attention to child protection. The overall aim of this procedure, therefore, is to safely recruit and retain the highest quality of staff and ensure a safe working environment for students and staff and, in the meantime, to clarify the situation and the protocols to follow when welcoming volunteers and casual staff.

The aims of this safe (r deleted) Recruitment policy is to help deter, reject or identify people who might abuse pupils or are otherwise unsuited to working with them by having appropriate procedures for appointing staff.

 The aims of the recruitment policy are as follows:

  1. to ensure that the best possible staff are recruited on the basis of their merits, abilities and suitability for the position;
  2. to ensure that all job applicants are considered equally and consistently;

  3. to ensure that no job applicant is treated unfairly on any grounds including race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or religious belief, sex or sexual orientation, marital or civil partnerstatus, disability or age;

  4. to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, recommendations and guidance including the statutory guidance published by the related guidance from the UK curriculum from which we teach, the Department for Education (DfE), Keeping Children Safe in Education - May2016 (KCSIE), the Prevent Duty Guidance for England and Wales 2015 (the Prevent Duty Guidance)and any guidance or code of practice published by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS); and

  5. to ensure that the School meets its commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people by carrying out all necessary pre-employment checks.

 Employees involved in the recruitment and selection of staff are responsible for familiarising themselves with and complying with the provisions of this policy.


The principles described in this procedure will apply in relation to everyone who applies to work at Saigon Star International School, including: staff employed on a permanent basis, temporary and casual staff and unpaid volunteers.

Procedures and Guidelines 

Saigon Star International School is committed to tackling discrimination and promoting inclusion through equality and diversity. The process described in what follows is designated to achieve the best match between individuals knowledge and skills, experience and character, the requirements of the vacant post and recognition of the need for flexibility to respond to changing conditions. The recruitment process starts as soon as a vacancy has been identified.   Before any action is initiated, careful consideration will be given to the necessity for filling the post, the tasks to be undertaken and the skills, attributes and behaviours required to do the job. All posts (both new and replacement) must be authorised by the Board of Directors to ensure consistency of employment practice and that the budget requirements are met. Saigon Star  reserves the right to confirm a position for a long term contract of someone already on staff who is short term should a position become available, subject to high quality performance. All agreed appointments of 12 months or more will be advertised and subject to competitive selection procedure. Advertisement may be internal only or published simultaneously internally and externally. Posts may be advertised internally where it is anticipated that a suitable field of candidates exists and in response to specific needs. The aim of advertising is to attract a wide range of high quality candidates from a diversity of backgrounds.

Recruitment Documentation 

Prior to advertising, a job description which describes the purpose, duties and responsibilities must be available. The qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge, aptitudes and abilities that are essential and desirable for the post should also be identified. They will not include any potentially discriminatory requirements. The job description and person specification will be used throughout the recruitment process to develop the shortlisting and selection criteria. A draft advertisement is drawn up by the HR Office and approved by the relevant Line Manager and Headteacher before the role is advertised. Adverts state that employment is subject to Police Checks, the necessary documentation and satisfactory references.   

Application procedure  

Candidates applying have to send a resume, cover letter, names and email addresses of two professional referees, including from their most recent employer to: 


Due to the large number of applications often received, only shortlisted candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application. 

Application Screening 

The Headteacher retains and records all original application materials, does the initial reviews of the applications and forwards to the hiring manager (in this case, the Headteacher), all staff applications. 


Shortlisting takes place as soon as possible after the closing date. Shortlisting is undertaken by the Headteacher.

Invitation to interview  

Once the shortlist has been decided the shortlisted candidates are notified as soon as possible. Invitation to interview is confirmed in writing. While the school will work hard to obtain references prior to the interview day so that any issues of concern can be explored on the interview day, the right of the candidate to consider employment in a school other than that in which he/she is currently employed without notifying the current employer should be respected at this early stage but reference checking of the very last employment will be an inevitable requirement before a job can be offered. This final reference request will be made upon the successful completion of the second formal interview by the Headteacher.


Interviewing is a shared responsibility by the Leadership Team.  Where possible, applicants must be met in person even where there is only one candidate and including for internal appointments and for any volunteers. When an interview in person is not possible, a Skype interview (or equivalent) will be organised.

The phase leaders, core subject leaders and Headteacher should also interview applicants where possible to ensure that they are good candidates for employment at Saigon Star. 

Where appropriate, the selection process may include but not be limited to, additional activities such as a lesson observation of 20-30 minutes (applicants from within HCMC), reading of the school’s latest Learning Policy, evidence of written reports (details removed) and photos of a classroom display.

Candidates will be asked a variety of questions that assess their potential technical ability within the classroom, as well as assess their ability to become ‘brand ambassadors’ and model the cultural vision and values of Saigon Star. Fundamentally, there will also be question(s) regarding awareness and observation of professional boundaries; appropriateness of relationships with children; commitment to and evidence of taking action to protect children.

After Interview

The choice of the candidate will be determined by the interview panel. The panel may identify a first and second choice candidate. A firm offer cannot be made until all pre‐employment checks have been completed. A conditional offer may be made pending Police Check Clearances only. Candidates who were interviewed but not selected must be notified by the hiring manager either by phone, by letter or by email. In no way the school should attempt to influence a person to break a contract already signed with another school.

Routine Procedure checks

For staffing appointments, candidates will have to provide Police checks from their home country. Prior to the contract of employment issuing, the safeguarding must also be completed with:

  1. Three written references (using Saigon Star reference forms) which make specific reference to candidate’s suitability to work with and near children.

  2. An explanation of any gaps in the CV

  3. The verification of the qualifications (must be legalised and notarized)

  4. The verification of the identity (copy of passport)


Once all the documentation is compiled the candidate is sent an electronic version of his/her contract with copies of the Child Protection Policy, the school’s Learning Policy and the school Staff Handbook. Soft copies of the contract are also sent, one of which having to be returned by the newly appointed staff member duly initialled and signed.

Saigon Star acknowledges and recognises the significant contribution volunteer workers can make to the learning environment; sharing their time, skills, experience and expertise with the school community. We recognise that volunteers have a wide range of interests and abilities which complement school programmes, provide a wider range of interactions and experiences, and enhance the learning experiences of students at the school. A “volunteer” is defined as an individual, who performs a service within the school without compensation, remuneration or other consideration, under the supervision and direction of the professional staff of Saigon Star.

  They are typically parents or guardians who directly or indirectly assist Saigon Star staff in achieving educational objectives by providing non‐educational services such as supervision of trips, supporting a whole school/class project or activities or assisting the librarian. Volunteers should serve only as authorised by the relevant member of the leadership team and must have a specified purpose. All volunteers need supervision appropriate for the work they are undertaking whilst on our premises.

For volunteers working with students, the volunteer must be directly supervised at all times.

This means that the staff member can quickly and easily view the volunteer from within their work area. No volunteer is to be left in a separate classroom or building or is to assist in toileting, medicating or supervising students who are ill. When volunteers are transporting students the students should travel in groups. Individual students should not travel in a vehicle with a volunteer or member of school staff. 

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