“I remember the first days of our daughter’s school start at Saigon Star. In just two weeks, she went from complaining about her Vietnamese kindergarten loudly every morning, to looking forward to the bus ride every morning to Saigon Star. Here, years later, she still loves the bus ride every day.”

Dennis Haney, from Denmark

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New Home Learning Menus

‘Rigour’ is undoubtedly a buzzword within education and has been for the past few years. But, how does it impact our teaching and learning at Saigon Star, and what measures do we take to try and embed it?

Definition of Play

Inspired by the IEYC learning principle, ‘Play is an essential aspect of all children’s learning and development’, we believe that enlightening our school community’s understanding of PLAY is one of many vital responsibilities of Saigon Star.

Jon Garrity, from the UK

From our first contact with the school when looking for a place for our daughter, we knew Saigon Star was the right environment for her.